Mainstream Social Networking

What are the first things that come to mind when you think of social networking sites? The most likely things are MySpace, facebook or Twitter. And, let’s be honest. There’s probably about 80% of the Internet-literate teenage population that has at least one of them – some might have two or even all three. I must be honest; I have none of them, with the exception of MySpace, which I tried for about one hour before shrugging and leaving out of boredom.

While I cannot speak accurately about the contents of these sites as a result, what I do know is that none of them actually have a point other than to connect with people. In other words, there’s no centralised topic. Personally, I prefer social networking sites that do have at least some sort of topic outline, but allow off-topic chattering as well. You’d be surprised that topic-restrictive sites (like forums and fandom sites) can actually provoke a whole range of different and very interesting conversations, and will actually give you a topic starter to go with as well.

I wonder what percentage of the teenage population would prefer this “restrictive” social networking over the mainstream?


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  1. GreyIxia said,

    November 20, 2009 at 6:02 am

    I would prefer restrictive. It would be easier because you can tell you friends about it, so you ca connect with them (if they like the topic) and you can connect with people who you actually have things in common with. So it works out for everyone.
    The only problem is that it may be hard to find a site on your favorite topics to discuss. (In that case, make a website :). I have always wanted to make a website but I really have no idea what I would put on it, so I have settled for sharing my complex day-to-day thoughts on a simple blog.

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