About the Author

Hi! I’m Kyuun – or at least, that would be one of my pseudonyms (and, not to mention, almost the name of one of my characters in a novel I’m writing for the NaNoWriMo). Anyone who knows me in real life will know me by the name of Alex, however, as do a number of people I know over the Internet.

I am, under my own definitions, a writer. Although, I do not do it for a living and I most-certainly haven’t ever had the privilege of getting any of my work published. I’m currently working on a novel for the NaNoWriMo, however, it’s going to take a lot of work and effort to clean up something so quickly written. While I appreciate the fact that it probably will never get published, I’m going to try as hard as I can to complete it, rewrite it several times in a stringent editing process, and then, perhaps, try to get a literary agent.

By that time, I hope I’ll at least be eighteen, so I can be taken a little more seriously by agents and publishers. But I’m getting ahead of myself here – this is supposed to be a biography of sorts. So, I’ll tell you a little more about me.

I don’t read as much as I write, however I do enjoy sitting down with a good book from time to time. I’m more likely to go with a video game, but if you throw a Discworld book in front of me, I’m capable of swallowing it in a weekend. An old childhood love, however, would have to be rollerblading. I don’t do so nearly as often anymore, but it’s still a source of enjoyment in small doses.

This site was put up so I could have somewhere to place all of my crazy thoughts and perhaps have a chance to order them. I also decided that it might be interesting to see what other people think of them, too, so one late night I opened my laptop and signed up for WordPress as a spur-of-the-moment sort of thing, and, well, that’s really just how the cookie crumbled, I suppose. Don’t you just love spur-of-the-moment decisions? Well, that’s a debatable point that needs to take into consideration what, exactly, you were deciding upon… but that’s a whole other thing altogether. I’m getting sidetracked again.

… And it really doesn’t matter that I got sidetracked, however, since I’ve run out of things to say. So, I hope you enjoy the blog and that I see you commenting later down the track. Bye!


(Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I actually picked this template because the flower reminded me of a sprocket. I’ve always liked cogs and gears – but sprocket just sounds cooler, heheh.)


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