What If Global Warming… isn’t Just Warming

A Rare Occurance

If anyone can tell me how hailstones the size of golf balls (thrown at people by hundred-kilometre per hour winds) can form and smash Melbourne during a warmish, humid day, then do so. Now. Okay, so I do have a semi-good idea on how that can happen, but still.

More to the point, be my guest to explain why Melbournian roads were turned into street canals today, when the most water the city ever hears of is ankle-high floods, and even they’re rare. I make no exaggeration. I’m speaking of cars floating down streets and roofs collapsing.

To the person who hypothesized global warming: you didn’t get it completely right. I do not believe this is just about a heating Earth. This is about an Earth who’s weather has gone completely out of control. These parts have gone from 30˚ Celsius right down to 16˚ in the space of a day. And then up again. And down again. And up again. And down again. And it goes on.

It’s been going on like this for weeks.

And, not to mention, we’re not the only ones. Reportedly, places in Europe such as Hungary have been experienced 10˚ drops and rises in the space of 24 hours (not including the middle of the night), as well. Even parts of the Middle East are having odd weather. I’m unsure of what’s going on with the Americas, though, so I won’t comment on that. But there’s no denying that all of this is starting to get a little too odd for my liking.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to natural disasters, extreme conditions and weather in general. Year to year, I keep a semi-vigilant eye on this stuff, and I’ve never remembered it to be quite so…


At this point, please note that this post may not be completely accurate. I’m going by memory here, but I think I’ve gotten this mostly right (and if it is wrong, it’s not wrong by much). Anyways, I’d like to go on to ask…:

If you live in parts of the world such as Northern Australia, the tropics, Indonesia, Africa or the Americas, tell me what you know (and where you are!) about the weather in your area over the last few weeks. Is it consistent? Are there massive changes in patterns, events and temperature? How extreme are they? It doesn’t have to be detailed; it just needs to be rough (although exact temperatures, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, would be nice). I’m going to catalogue it for later reference – namely, this time next year.

I want to ride this out and see if things gets worse. I’m no meteorologist, but I do hold a bit of interest in this.


A Quick Observation

I’m not American. And as such, ever since an American friend of mine told me what the heck Ramen was, I keep seeing the word popping up everywhere. Sort of like when my mum was on crutches, I suddenly began seeing lots of other people around the city also struggling with those dreaded sticks.

It’s short, quick, and to-the-point, unlike most of my other posts, but… it’s an observation nonetheless. Everyone knows it happens, but when you suddenly know about something or have it, somehow, come into your life, you’re more aware of it and therefore see it again. And again. And again. Even though under normal circumstances, somehow, you just wouldn’t have noticed.

Also, sorry for my unresponsiveness as of late. Other things have been on my mind… happy new year to you all. =)

Copies and Clones

This is a cross-post to my deviantART account, but never mind that. Let’s get straight into it. At the moment, I’m rather interested as to the answers I’ll get.

So, say you had a friend. It can either be an acquaintance, a good friend, or a best friend. Pick one of them – or two of them, or all of the three if you want. How would you treat the copy if:

a) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was kept. The copy knows that it’s a copy.

b) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was destroyed. The copy knows that it’s a copy.

c) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was badly injured/in a coma/otherwise unable to communicate. The copy knows that it’s a copy.

d) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was kept. The copy doesnot know that it’s a copy – it thinks that it is the original.

e) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was destroyed. The copy does not know that it’s a copy – it thinks that it is the original.

f) A copy of them was made and the original of the person was badly injured/in a coma/otherwise unable to communicate. The copy does not know that it’s a copy – it thinks that it is the original.

And there’s one more variable; if the copy does not know that it’s a copy, would you tell it or try to prove to it that it’s a copy?

I’m just interested is all. Also, the definition of the copy will be as follows:
The copy is exactly the person it was copied from, only not the “same person”, if you know what I mean. Its thoughts follow the same as the original, as does it’s body and functions, etc. It is exactly the same in every way that it can be, except that it will never be the original controlling it. It will have a consciousness of its own, in other words, despite being the same in every other way.

Answer if you wish. I’d be interested on what you’d do! And, no, seriously, I haven’t been looking up teleportation. Seriously. And I swear I never looked into the theory that tells you that if you copy one instance and send it over to another place and then destroy the original, that it could be an effective way to teleport. I swear.

Ideas Stalk Me

What would you do if, one day, you got a chance to see into the future, and you saw that you were going to be killed within the next week by a fatal chain of events leading to one big accident?

Would you yell? Scream? Cry in frustration? Or would you do everything you could in an attempt to save yourself?

What if, on this very same day, you managed to find a chance to travel back in time to stop that chain of events from ever starting. Would you take that chance?

And, let’s just say that there’s a slight hitch with the aforementioned time-travelling. When you alter something, a rip occurs in space/time and tears open by about five centimetres, the amount doubling every time something is altered. Would you still keep going? Or would you stop and await your fate to be dished up to you, even with the knowledge that there was a slight chance that you could have saved yourself without tearing the universe down the middle?

This is the tale of just how selfish one man can get when faced with total annihilation, and the devastation that he alone can cause. It’s just a story idea, but I want to have a crack at it when I’m completely finished (or really need a break from) the novel I’m currently writing. I’m thinking it’s going to end up rather entertaining to write…

Smell the Flowers

Many people see this place as an imperfect world – as do I. But sometimes, if you just take things in and smell the flowers, life’s not so bad at all. Sure, there’s the big things like jobs and HD televisions and houses and cars. But I noticed something today – I noticed that everyone’s recycling bin was out whilst walking home from school.

I’d already walked an entire road until I actually observed and noticed all the yellow lids. And I looked back behind me, and sure enough… there of course were more.

They’re bright, shiny, and noticeable. However, I didn’t notice them as they were not a part of my life at all, and certainly had nothing to do with my daily routine.

Not to say that recycling bins make me happy – they don’t, to me, they’re just there. Unless in a metaphorical sense to know that everyone’s recycling. But, if I missed something so bright and shiny, how much else of life have I just walked straight past without even noticing? We say we want to stop and smell the flowers, but we don’t. We instead walk right by them, in a blur of metropolitan life. When we’re sad, we  – or at least, I – even make a mostly-conscious effort not to see something happy, or nice, or anything of the kind.

It’s really kind of silly, now that I think about it. We need to stop saying we’ll stop to smell the flowers. Perhaps we need to really do the action in question, just to realise how sweet they can really be…


This thought was sparked in an IM conversation with a very good friend of mine, after the topic of evolution went completely off the rails and straight into speculation.

Intelligence itself, I believe, what caused the human race as a whole to become a very nasty bunch indeed. When an animal murders another, do we call it murder? No. Murder implies that there needs to be enough intelligence to have thewant to commit it in the first place.

Not to mention, mankind in its most primitive forms wouldn’t have waged war. As soon as we gained enough intelligence to know that something was wrong, we gained responsibility for it and also gained a want to break the rules. Or, I believe so, anyway.

With intelligence being, strangely enough, the root of all evil, this leads me to wonder; would intelligent alien (from another planet, you heard me) life forms be just as screwed up as this race? I want to know how much human instinct factors in and how much just intelligence did for the species and every other specie humanity shares the planet with. Would the aliens arrange their society in a much different way because of their different instinct, or is intelligence and a knowledge that we really can break the rules far too strong for any specie, regardless of how far apart from the other, to resist?