A Subject of Boredom

We all know what it feels like. It’s what we call ‘boring’, ‘not engaging’, and, as a final and the worst insult, ‘mind numbing’.

This is what I’ve found my excellerated year 12 Geography class to be like, after four periods of it (a total of 200 mins) during our orientation. With only a week until the Summer holidays to go, you’d think I’d be cheering and would be more excited than anything else.

But there’s nothing like four periods of staring at maps to bore you out of your mind.

At least, I think I absorbed the information correctly. Or most of it. Which is the important part, I suppose, but still. Halfway through I decided to try and really focus on the thing at hand and make it, well, for lack of better description, less boring. I really did make a conscious effort to try not to be board. I’m sure many have tried it before me. I affirmed to myself in my mind that I definitely, most positively, was absolutely not bored.

And, for perhaps a second, it worked.

For a second.

I keep wondering if I can convince myself that I’m not bored when I am. And I keep trying. And it’s not working, unsurprisingly.

I suppose there’s no cure for a boring class – or at least, none that I can find. Hopefully, it’ll get a lot more interesting as next year progresses.