What If Global Warming… isn’t Just Warming

A Rare Occurance

If anyone can tell me how hailstones the size of golf balls (thrown at people by hundred-kilometre per hour winds) can form and smash Melbourne during a warmish, humid day, then do so. Now. Okay, so I do have a semi-good idea on how that can happen, but still.

More to the point, be my guest to explain why Melbournian roads were turned into street canals today, when the most water the city ever hears of is ankle-high floods, and even they’re rare. I make no exaggeration. I’m speaking of cars floating down streets and roofs collapsing.

To the person who hypothesized global warming: you didn’t get it completely right. I do not believe this is just about a heating Earth. This is about an Earth who’s weather has gone completely out of control. These parts have gone from 30˚ Celsius right down to 16˚ in the space of a day. And then up again. And down again. And up again. And down again. And it goes on.

It’s been going on like this for weeks.

And, not to mention, we’re not the only ones. Reportedly, places in Europe such as Hungary have been experienced 10˚ drops and rises in the space of 24 hours (not including the middle of the night), as well. Even parts of the Middle East are having odd weather. I’m unsure of what’s going on with the Americas, though, so I won’t comment on that. But there’s no denying that all of this is starting to get a little too odd for my liking.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to natural disasters, extreme conditions and weather in general. Year to year, I keep a semi-vigilant eye on this stuff, and I’ve never remembered it to be quite so…


At this point, please note that this post may not be completely accurate. I’m going by memory here, but I think I’ve gotten this mostly right (and if it is wrong, it’s not wrong by much). Anyways, I’d like to go on to ask…:

If you live in parts of the world such as Northern Australia, the tropics, Indonesia, Africa or the Americas, tell me what you know (and where you are!) about the weather in your area over the last few weeks. Is it consistent? Are there massive changes in patterns, events and temperature? How extreme are they? It doesn’t have to be detailed; it just needs to be rough (although exact temperatures, either in Celsius or Fahrenheit, would be nice). I’m going to catalogue it for later reference – namely, this time next year.

I want to ride this out and see if things gets worse. I’m no meteorologist, but I do hold a bit of interest in this.


WE Are the People. WE Are the Majority.

Who else thought that Copenhagen was a real… well, failure? All it was was a bunch of pollies arguing over who should do what in a non-binding contract! Not to mention, I’m fairly sure (not completely, correct me if I’m wrong) China, a great polluter, did not sign the contract.

What rubbish. If anything can save us from global warming, it’s the people’s opinion – not a bunch of arguing political leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from the Western countries, the Middle Eastern countries, the European countries, the African countries, the Asian countries…

We all have to pitch in and do our bit. When the pollies won’t shut down things like Uranium mines, mining in general, coal power… we’ve all gotta save what we can – we have to try to make up for what has been left out by our political leaders. Political leaders who apparently represent us.

If we don’t, who’s going to? The Prime Minister of Australia? The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? The leader of China? May I remind you right now that Copenhagen’s agreement lacks penalties and has wriggle room right throughout it (so says a news person trained in law and legal documents). The agreement is probably not even strong enough to keep the global temperature rise from going past two degrees.

WE are the people. WE are the majority. Therefore, WE RULE.

And if we really try, we can collectively offset this blunder.

But only if we act as the majority and actually try. Only then.