This thought was sparked in an IM conversation with a very good friend of mine, after the topic of evolution went completely off the rails and straight into speculation.

Intelligence itself, I believe, what caused the human race as a whole to become a very nasty bunch indeed. When an animal murders another, do we call it murder? No. Murder implies that there needs to be enough intelligence to have thewant to commit it in the first place.

Not to mention, mankind in its most primitive forms wouldn’t have waged war. As soon as we gained enough intelligence to know that something was wrong, we gained responsibility for it and also gained a want to break the rules. Or, I believe so, anyway.

With intelligence being, strangely enough, the root of all evil, this leads me to wonder; would intelligent alien (from another planet, you heard me) life forms be just as screwed up as this race? I want to know how much human instinct factors in and how much just intelligence did for the species and every other specie humanity shares the planet with. Would the aliens arrange their society in a much different way because of their different instinct, or is intelligence and a knowledge that we really can break the rules far too strong for any specie, regardless of how far apart from the other, to resist?