WE Are the People. WE Are the Majority.

Who else thought that Copenhagen was a real… well, failure? All it was was a bunch of pollies arguing over who should do what in a non-binding contract! Not to mention, I’m fairly sure (not completely, correct me if I’m wrong) China, a great polluter,¬†did not sign the contract.

What rubbish. If anything can save us from global warming, it’s the people’s opinion – not a bunch of arguing political leaders. It doesn’t matter whether you’re from the Western countries, the Middle Eastern countries, the European countries, the African countries, the Asian countries…

We all have to pitch in and do our bit. When the pollies won’t shut down things like Uranium mines, mining in general, coal power… we’ve all gotta save what we can – we have to try to make up for what has been left out by our political leaders. Political leaders who apparently represent us.

If we don’t, who’s going to? The Prime Minister of Australia? The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom? The leader of China? May I remind you right now that Copenhagen’s agreement lacks penalties and has wriggle room right throughout it (so says a news person trained in law and legal documents). The agreement is probably not even strong enough to keep the global temperature rise from going past two degrees.

WE are the people. WE are the majority. Therefore, WE RULE.

And if we really try, we can collectively offset this blunder.

But only if we act as the majority and actually try. Only then.


Ideas Stalk Me

What would you do if, one day, you got a chance to see into the future, and you saw that you were going to be killed within the next week by a fatal chain of events leading to one big accident?

Would you yell? Scream? Cry in frustration? Or would you do everything you could in an attempt to save yourself?

What if, on this very same day, you managed to find a chance to travel back in time to stop that chain of events from ever starting. Would you take that chance?

And, let’s just say that there’s a slight hitch with the aforementioned time-travelling. When you alter something, a rip occurs in space/time and tears open by about five centimetres, the amount doubling every time something is altered. Would you still keep going? Or would you stop and await your fate to be dished up to you, even with the knowledge that there was a slight chance that you could have saved yourself without tearing the universe down the middle?

This is the tale of just how selfish one man can get when faced with total annihilation, and the devastation that he alone can cause. It’s just a story idea, but I want to have a crack at it when I’m completely finished (or really need a break from) the novel I’m currently writing. I’m thinking it’s going to end up rather entertaining to write…