A Quick Observation

I’m not American. And as such, ever since an American friend of mine told me what the heck Ramen was, I keep seeing the word popping up everywhere. Sort of like when my mum was on crutches, I suddenly began seeing lots of other people around the city also struggling with those dreaded sticks.

It’s short, quick, and to-the-point, unlike most of my other posts, but… it’s an observation nonetheless. Everyone knows it happens, but when you suddenly know about something or have it, somehow, come into your life, you’re more aware of it and therefore see it again. And again. And again. Even though under normal circumstances, somehow, you just wouldn’t have noticed.

Also, sorry for my unresponsiveness as of late. Other things have been on my mind… happy new year to you all. =)


Smell the Flowers

Many people see this place as an imperfect world – as do I. But sometimes, if you just take things in and smell the flowers, life’s not so bad at all. Sure, there’s the big things like jobs and HD televisions and houses and cars. But I noticed something today – I noticed that everyone’s recycling bin was out whilst walking home from school.

I’d already walked an entire road until I actually observed and noticed all the yellow lids. And I looked back behind me, and sure enough… there of course were more.

They’re bright, shiny, and noticeable. However, I didn’t notice them as they were not a part of my life at all, and certainly had nothing to do with my daily routine.

Not to say that recycling bins make me happy – they don’t, to me, they’re just there. Unless in a metaphorical sense to know that everyone’s recycling. But, if I missed something so bright and shiny, how much else of life have I just walked straight past without even noticing? We say we want to stop and smell the flowers, but we don’t. We instead walk right by them, in a blur of metropolitan life. When we’re sad, we  – or at least, I – even make a mostly-conscious effort not to see something happy, or nice, or anything of the kind.

It’s really kind of silly, now that I think about it. We need to stop saying we’ll stop to smell the flowers. Perhaps we need to really do the action in question, just to realise how sweet they can really be…